Category Tjideng Reunion

Tjideng Reunion- background material

Posts in this category cover a number of subjects:

  • LifeĀ on Java before the outbreak of war, also referred to as “Tempo Doeloe”

Life in Bandoeng

  • Articles that relate to the unfolding of the Pacific War

ABDA ( America-Britain-Dutch- Australia) command

The role of Atom Bombs

Japanese War time Money

Delayed Allied return to Java.

  • Prison Camps

General overview of internment statistics


Tjideng camp

Health and sustenance

  • Those South Africans who volunteered to join the Netherlands Colonial Army

Departure from South Africa

The Journey

KPM M.S. Straat Soenda volunteers

Additional material not directly related to the book Tjideng Reunion can be found under other categories: Pacific war, Books, Japanese Prison camps.

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