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Japanse Burgerkampen

Summary The book , Japanse Burgerkampen, published by uitgeverij T. Wever ,Franeken, Netherlands first appeared in 1963 as a PhD thesis by …

Indian Ocean Saga

Indian Ocean Journey

Indian Ocean Journey Tjideng Reunion describes a journey that took us around the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean Journey started on May …

De Auteur , zeven jaar oud in Tjideng

Camp Children

Camp Children Soon after the Pacific War ended the notion of “camp children”  (Kamp kinderen in Dutch)  became known among  Red Cross …

Jansen Diary

Jansen Diary

The Jansen Diary provides an exceptional and well-informed account of the impact of repeated Japanese military setbacks suffered under the onslaught of the American counter offensive during the Pacific War

Ockerse Book

Ockerse Book

Ockerse Book The Ockerse Book, Our Childhood in the Former Colonial Dutch East Indies by Ralph Ockerse and Evelijn Blaney, a  memoir …

Tjihapit Boek

The Tjihapit Boek constituted the very first attempt  made by camp survivors to capture an account of the traumatic events they had …

Tjihapit boundary

Tjihapit Camp

Tjihapit Camp was the biggest of the Bandoeng Camps for Women and Children in South East Asia.