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Bandoeng Adress Boek

Bandung, Paris of Java

Bandung underwent a dramatic change during WWII from being a European city in Asia to being an Asian city haunted by the ghosts of its Colonial past.

Today’s Tjihapit

Today’s Tjihapit is what it had been before WWII: a pleasant Bandung suburb. The horrors of war all but forgotten.

Jan Bouwer

Jan Bouwer

Jan Bouwer was a Dutch journalist who immigrated to Indonesia in 1940, thus avoiding the German Occupation but arriving in time for …

Adresboek van Bandoeng

Adresboek van Bandoeng

  Adresboek van Bandoeng Originally published by HOLLAND-INDIA HANDELSVERENIGING May 1941 This first and only ┬ápublication of the Adresboek van Bandoeng (Bandung …

Internment Camps on Java

Internment Camps for Europeans on Java during the Pacific War (1941-1945) What follows is a short description of some of the statistical …