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Bandoeng Adress Boek

Bandung, Paris of Java

Bandung underwent a dramatic change during WWII from being a European city in Asia to being an Asian city haunted by the ghosts of its Colonial past.

Tjihapit Boek

The Tjihapit Boek constituted the very first attempt  made by camp survivors to capture an account of the traumatic events they had …

Tjihapit boundary

Tjihapit Camp

Tjihapit Camp was the biggest of the Bandoeng Camps for Women and Children in South East Asia.

Adresboek van Bandoeng

Adresboek van Bandoeng

  Adresboek van Bandoeng Originally published by HOLLAND-INDIA HANDELSVERENIGING May 1941 This first and only  publication of the Adresboek van Bandoeng (Bandung …

Four years Till Tomorrow

Four Years Till Tomorrow Published by van der Heide (1999)  Four Years Till Tomorrow refers to the misguided belief of nearly all …