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Jansen Diary

Jansen Diary

The Jansen Diary provides an exceptional and well-informed account of the impact of repeated Japanese military setbacks suffered under the onslaught of the American counter offensive during the Pacific War

Jan Bouwer

Jan Bouwer

Jan Bouwer was a Dutch journalist who immigrated to Indonesia in 1940, thus avoiding the German Occupation but arriving in time for …

Paradise in Peril

Paradise in Peril Paradise in Peril is the PhD Thesis by Herman Bussemaker for the University of Amsterdam. In this document he …

Tjideng Camp Gate

This picture appears on the front cover of the book, Tjideng Reunion. It shows the Tjideng camp gate shortly after the war …

Japanese Money During the Occupation

Japanese money before the occupation The Japanese army arrived with paper money, thoughtfully printed well in advance. (Printed in 1941) Metal was …