Edwina Mountbatten

Edwina Mountbatten visits Prison camps

Edwina Mountbatten is the title of the biography of Lady Mountbatten written by Janet Morgan.

Chapter twenty four ( Deliverance) describes her activities in the Far East  following the  Japanese surrender on August 15, 1945.

Lord Mountbatten delegated Edwina  in her capacity as head of the St John’s Ambulance Society, to help launch Operation Mastiff tasked with locating feeding and evacuating the one hundred and twenty thousand prisoners of war that were expected .   Edwina arrived in Kandy on August 23,  flew to Port Swettenham  on September 9, where she got a fist look at the POW conditions. The next day she made her way to Singapore and the Syme road and Changi prisons. Six days later she “pinched”  a bomber, Sister Anne and flew to PakanBaru on Sumatra and visited the remote camps of Padang and began to organize evacuation .

On September 21 she visited Semarang camps and began to organize the evacuation  there.

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