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Cover of the book, Tjideng Reunion by Boudewijn van Oort

Buy Tjideng Reunion 

The book currently sold by the author is a revised edition (2013) including new information that was made available to the author by  readers around the world with access to unpublished letters and diaries. Also incorporated is information from newly published historical work referred to elsewhere on this website.

Buy Tjideng Reunion via this site for deliveries  to addresses in Canada. The list price is CDN $25.95  plus shipping.  Canada Post expedited service is used.

It is also available from for deliveries in the US and world wide (Paperback or Kindle).

The author will ship immediately  upon receipt of payment. For shipments to Europe, Australia, Africa or Asia, surface shipping will be employed ( “Standard shipping” on the Amazon website), unless specified otherwise. Delivery to those destinations may take up to two months

Contact author for further details, or buy the book direct through the links below.


1. For any destination in North America $25.95 + $10.00 shipping or a total of $35.95. (Surface mail, delivery time 10 business days.)

2.For surface mail to destinations outside North America: Book cost $25.95 + $15.00 shipping or a total of $40.95 (Surface mail, delivery time 2-3 months)

3. For airmail to destinations outside North America. Book cost $25.95 + $30.00 shipping or a total of $55.95 (Air Mail, delivery time 7 business days.)

Contact the author by email:

  • TJIDENG REUNION: A Memoir of WWII on Java (revised edition)
  •  ISBN: 978-0-9920623-0-9
  •  Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  •  Pages:484  Size: 6 x 9 inches
  •  Includes Maps illustrations, Bibliography
  • Publisher: Boudewyn van Oort, Victoria (2013)

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