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Concentration camp leader Campioni

Campioni Grogol Prison Camp memoire

 Campioni -Prison Camp leader Elly Campioni’s unpublished memoir provides an invaluable insight into the life and times of the infamous women’s and …

ABDA command

ABDA COMMAND ABDA Command  (ABDACOM) was the first , unsuccessful attempt at combined Allied Theatre command. It had been suggested by the …

Jansen Diary

Jansen Diary

The Jansen Diary provides an exceptional and well-informed account of the impact of repeated Japanese military setbacks suffered under the onslaught of the American counter offensive during the Pacific War

Adresboek van Bandoeng

Adresboek van Bandoeng

  Adresboek van Bandoeng Originally published by HOLLAND-INDIA HANDELSVERENIGING May 1941 This first and only  publication of the Adresboek van Bandoeng (Bandung …

Four years Till Tomorrow

Four Years Till Tomorrow Published by van der Heide (1999)  Four Years Till Tomorrow refers to the misguided belief of nearly all …

Paradise in Peril

Paradise in Peril Paradise in Peril is the PhD Thesis by Herman Bussemaker for the University of Amsterdam. In this document he …