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Tjideng Reunion

Today’s Tjihapit

Today’s Tjihapit is what it had been before WWII: a pleasant Bandung suburb. The horrors of war all but forgotten.

Sonei Kenichi

Sonei Kenichi

Sonei Kenichi, Captain Sonei Kenichi was a Captain in the Imperial Japanese army, and as of September 1942 was placed in charge …

Tjideng on Film

There are some rare examples of Tjideng on film. In researching we found films of the Tjideng camp , prewar Batavia and …

De Auteur , zeven jaar oud in Tjideng

Tjideng Birthday

Tjideng Birthday A Tjideng Birthday had ceased to have meaning , and the case of many like me, had been feared. Boys …

Tjideng Coffin Factory

Shortly after we arrived in Tjideng the supply of coffins dried up for reasons unknown. Henceforth a coffin making factory was established …