Books of note are summarized on this page by prison camp.  Since the Japanese army moved the prisoners on numerous occasions, descriptions of life in various camps may be found under one title and then only for a limited time period.

Aik Pamienke

  • Four Years til Tomorrow ( Collection: Miriam Zwaan van Veen)


  • Four Years til Tomorrow ( Collection: An Fris)



Banjoe Biroe

  • Four years till Tomorrow ( English collection: Sherry Tromp,


  • Four Years til Tomorrow (Collection: Madelon A.Schouten
  • Kamp dagboek van Anneke Bosman


  • Tjideng Reunion ( Boudewijn van Oort)
  • Bezonken rood ( Jeroen Brouwers)
  • Four years tile Tomorrow ( Collection: Michael J van Reijsen,


Although this camp only served as a staging post it at one time had the largest concentration of interned women and children in  Asia.

  • Tjideng Reunion ( Boudewijn van Oort)
  • Tjihapit, Kamp Solo, Lampersari ( Anneke Bosman)

Kampong Makassar

  • Het Verbluffende Kamp (Ko Luykx)


The book “The Blue Door” (2012, Macmillan) by Lise Kristensen, an 8-year old Norwegian girl from Surabaya who, with her mother, 6-year old sister Karin and 2-year old brother Lasse, (all surnamed Grønn-Nielsen) were also interned, first at Kamp De Wijk, then at Kamp Bangkong and ending up at Kamp Lampersari – until a rescue organized by the Swedish consul at Surabaya (Alex Wieslander) after the capitulation of Japan.

ISBN 978-0-230-76697-6