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Java Prison Camp Kampong Makassar

Kampong Makassar

Kampong Makassar was a primitive work camp on the outskirts of Batavia, in existence between April 1942 and October 1945. The Malay …

Bandoeng Adress Boek

Bandung, Paris of Java

Bandung underwent a dramatic change during WWII from being a European city in Asia to being an Asian city haunted by the ghosts of its Colonial past.

Tjihapit Boek

The Tjihapit Boek constituted the very first attempt ┬ámade by camp survivors to capture an account of the traumatic events they had …

Tjihapit boundary

Tjihapit Camp

Tjihapit Camp was the biggest of the Bandoeng Camps for Women and Children in South East Asia.

Today’s Tjihapit

Today’s Tjihapit is what it had been before WWII: a pleasant Bandung suburb. The horrors of war all but forgotten.

Jan Bouwer

Jan Bouwer

Jan Bouwer was a Dutch journalist who immigrated to Indonesia in 1940, thus avoiding the German Occupation but arriving in time for …

Tjimahi Yeast Factory

Tjimahi Yeast Factory

Tjimahi Yeast Factory. The Tjimahi Yeast Factory was an example how necessity is the mother of invention. The regular supply of yeast …

Overview of POW and Civioian internmetn camps in th Bandoeng area

Bandoeng Camps

Bandoeng Camps About twenty Bandoeng Camps were in existence during the Pacific War. Of these by far the biggest and most important …