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Japanese Prison Camp

also known as a Japanese internment camp


Grogol Grogol prison camp , a former insane asylum, was located  three kilometers west of Batavia (todays Jakarta), close to the railway …

Main entrance of Tangerang (LOG) Youth detention centre


Tangerang Prison Camp Tangerang Prison camp was a women’s and children’s World War II concentration camp on Java History and Location Before the …

Java Prison Camp Kampong Makassar

Kampong Makassar

Kampong Makassar Kampong Makassar Location: This  POW and civilian internment camp was located about 6 km south of Batavia in a coconut …

De Auteur , zeven jaar oud in Tjideng

Camp Children

Camp Children Soon after the Pacific War ended the notion of “camp children”  (Kamp kinderen in Dutch)  became known among  Red Cross …

Tjihapit boundary

Tjihapit Camp

Tjihapit Camp was the biggest of the Bandoeng Camps for Women and Children in South East Asia.

Today’s Tjihapit

Today’s Tjihapit is what it had been before WWII: a pleasant Bandung suburb. The horrors of war all but forgotten.

Sonei Kenichi

Sonei Kenichi

Sonei Kenichi, Captain Sonei Kenichi was a Captain in the Imperial Japanese army, and as of September 1942 was placed in charge …

Tjideng Prison Camp

Tjideng Prison Camp. The Tjideng Prison Camp for women and children was initially declared a “protected area” as of August 1942.  It …

Stutterheim Diary

Stutterheim Diary The Stutterheim diary is a remarkable, vivid account of the suffering of European teenage boys during the Japanese Occupation of …